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Also known as drop-in handguards / forends.

The product shown is the carbine .223 version but the instructions apply for all lengths and for .308 2pc also.

- Pay particular attention to the orientation of each section.  Top section has three rails... both sections have a bevelled edge at the rear - the delta ring butts up against.    

- Round / triangle end caps require different shaped handguards (see bottom section of diagram below).

308 DPMS Low vs DPMS High - LR308

For LR-308 upper receivers, sometimes called AR 308, how do you check if you have a DPMS Low or High Profile Pattern Upper receiver?

The difference is the thickness of the upper receiver tang, found at the rear of the upper receiver.  It's where the charging handle is located:

A tang measurement of 0.151" or 5/32" is DPMS Low Profile

A tang measurement of 0.210" or 13/64" is DPMS High Profile

If the rear edge of the upper receiver is not curved like the ones above, it's probably an Armalite AR-10 which is a different fit (our handguards will not work).

Once you know, you can shop for free float handguards using the link below and select Low or High DPMS as appropriate.