AR-15.223 Laser Boresight for Zeroing Scope, Sights etc. - Batteries included



.223 Laser Boresight


Casing color may vary from pictured.  Laser will always be red & batteries always included.

The best way to think of a boresight is that it'll get you on paper at 100 yards and will save on wasted ammo getting to that point

- Start with an empty rifle which is secure and isn't going to move - use a vise sled if you have one.  The less movement, the more accurate it will be.

- Insert the (switched on) laser boresight into the chamber.  Inserting the batteries switches it on (remove to switch off)

- Essentially, the laser will show what the center of your barrel is aiming at, over a 100 yard distance for example.  Use a reflective target to show the dot better.

- Adjust your scope's reticle to align with the dot and that's your starting point for final zeroing in. The last settings will be dependant on the type of ammo used and distance.  There's also a disparity between bore and your scope's center - there are formulas available for those calculations but personally, I'd just skip to the next stage...

- Remove the boresighter and use live ammo for fine-tuning / adjustment of your reticle.

Sounds obvious,but it's worth repeating. Remove the boresighter before shooting.