AR15 Foregrip / Bipod Grip, Adjustable Height, Polymer - Tan (GPBP01-T)



Tactical foregrip / bipod for mounting on a Picatinny rail         SKU: GPBP01

- Switches to bipod at push of one button (see instructions below)

- Choice of 5 heights from 6.2" > 8.2"

Position(s):  Vertical grip or Bipod

Color:        Tan

Storage:      No

Material:     Polymer


How to use:
#1. Flip out bipod legs:  Squeeze grip before pressing button at rear of grip with thumb of same hand.

#2. Retract Legs:  Squeeze grip sections together with left hand, and push legs up with flat palm of right. 
Both legs must be at same height to retract.

#3. Adjust bipod leg height:  Flip out bipod legs (see #1).  They open at maximum height. 
On left side/leg, depress button on 'inside' of grip to release leg lock.  Move leg up to desired slot, release lock button. Repeat for right side/leg. 
Wiggle legs gently to make sure they are locked in position.