Dovetail .22 to Picatinny Scope Mount Rail Adaptor



Dovetail to Picatinny Rail Adaptor                Model: MAPRA

If you have a Dovetail size rail and want to attach Picatinny scope rings or scope mount, get this.

- Fits any size Dovetail rail including 3/8" - 9mm 11mm 13mm

- Provides 9 Picatinny 20mm slots (length 3.9 inches)
- Reversible side plate with two different angles (remove screws and rotate plate by 180º)
-  Great value for money
- 6061-T6 anodized aluminum
- No gunsmithing required
- Easy install


Q:   Does it fit round / curved rail bases?
A:   Some filing of the bottom of this adapter might be required (depending on width and curve angle).

Q:   I've purchased it and it doesn't fit on the Dovetail base.
A:   First try rotating the adapter's side plate.  If it's a round/curved Dovetail, filing may be required (see above).

Q:  Does this fit 3/8"  wide Dovetail bases?
A:  Yes. Any length from 9mm to 13mm inclusive (0.35" - 0.59")

Q:  I don't know what kind of rail I have.
A:  Measure the width of the rail base. Anywhere from 9mm to 15mm is Dovetail and suitable for this adapter.

21mm is Picatinny and so adapter is not required.