Low Profile 0.750 INCH Dia Gas Block Quad Rail with Pin and Red Laser with Remote Pressure Switch for .223 AR15 - Aluminum - Black



Fits 0.75INCH diameter AR-15 barrel and includes 12 Picatinny accessory slots plus Red Dot Laser with Remote Pressure Switch. For AR-15 .223 and variants. Comes ready to install with tools and batteries.

� Ruger Mini 14 / Mini 30 Side Scope / Accessory Mount Top Rail - Aluminum - Black
� One piece CNC machined using premium aluminum with knurled steel knob
� 5.5INCH in length, 14 Picatinny slots
� Easy install and secure fit
� Item weight: 4.1 ounces

1.81 x 1.49 x 1.69 IN (L x W x H)

Model: MLQGB+LSR01