9.2" Free Float Round Handguard Forend for AR-15 .223 / 5.56 AR-15 - Picatinny



Free Float Handguard 1pc - AR-15 .223/5.56

Model: MTAR9

Roundshape - comfortable to hold, secure fit.  
Well-made with a good, smooth finish.


Height: 1.98"

Width: 1.56"

Weight (including nut) 12.9oz

- One piece free float handguard - includes barrel nut and fixing hardware

- Precisely CNC machined
- Made from high quality aluminum alloy

- 3 removable rails. Can be moved up / down the forend as required.

- Includes barrel nut  1.250"-18 tpi

- Secure and stable platform for mounting accessories to.

MTAR Mounting Instructions (Adobe .pdf file)