Presma AR Pistol Stabilizing Fin™, Clamp-On Design, ID 1.25", Polymer

$19.99 $16.99


AR Pistol Stabilizer Fin™                                                             Model:  AAST18

This is a clamp-on stabilizing fin which tightens securely onto the tube via screws and metal threaded inserts.

- No need for a stop-pin/screw

- Two strap holes (brace not included)

Choice of 3 buying options:


Fin + Tube
Fin, pistol buffer tube

Fin + Kit
Fin, pistol buffer tube, recoil spring, recoil buffer, castle nut, receiver end plate with ambi sling attachment points

Important info:

Fin is not suitable for Mil-Spec, Commercial or A2 Rifle buffer tubes. 
- Only fits with round pistol buffer tubes that have an outer diameter of 1.25"

* If in doubt that your tube will fit, we recommend purchasing with tube or full tube kit.  Guaranteed to fit *

US Patent D897,480
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