10" Presma LR 308 Super Light M-LOK Series Free Float Handguards with Partial Top Rail, 10 IN DPMS Low Profile



Presma® LR 308 Super Light M-LOK

Model: M38MP/L10

LR .308, 10 IN length free float rail mount with partial Picatinny Top rail and M-LOK slot system. 
Steel barrel nut included. 

Fits DPMS LOW Profile upper receiver pattern

- CNC machined from good quality aluminum and black anodized
- Super light weight, only 11oz with barrel nut.

Steel barrel nut & screws,
Shims for barrel nut timing (2)
3 slot M-LOK to Picatinny rail segments (2)
 7 slot M-LOK rail segments and M-LOK screw set. (2)

Measurements:  10" x  2" wide x 2.25" tall
Weighs: 11oz including barrel nut

I.D. - There are small reinforcement ridges inside.  Ridge to ridge I.D. is 1.48 IN.  Interior wall to wall I.D. is 1.57 IN

Compatible with:

Dual COMBO Wrench for AR-15 LR-308 .223/.308