12.5" Presma LR-308 DPMS LOW Profile .308 12.5 INCH Free Float Handguard Rail Mount

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For LR-308 .308 DPMS LOW PROFILE pattern upper receivers.

*   Does not fit DPMS High Profile (including Aero Precision M5) or any Armalite AR-10 uppers.  The top rails won't align.

** If unsure, compare your upper to Tang Check! picture further below

Available in matte black or choice of Cerakote® colors (while stocks last)

- 12.5" length
- Solid, comfortable to hold
- Hard-coat anodized in USA
- CNC machined using 6061-T6 aluminum alloy (high tensile strength)
- Picatinny and KeyMod rail / accessory slots
- For .308 DMPS Low Profile pattern upper receivers

- Handguard
- Steel barrel nut
- Screws + hex key

Length:                 15"
Inner diameter:   1.55" / 1.77" height
Width:                  1.71" / 2.29" inc. side rails)

MODEL:               PRGO021