Red Laser for Handgun Pistol Rail, Sliding ON/OFF - Battery included



Red Laser for Pistol Handgun w/ Picatinny 20mm Rail Mount - US SELLER
Won’t work unless your handgun has a rail, forward of trigger guard.

Works on Glock Standard/Compact: G17,G19,G20,G21,G22,G23,G26,G27,G31,G32,G37,G38)

*  w/ mount, battery & 2 Hex Wrenches

Main features
- ON/OFF via slide switch
- Extra Picatinny rail underneath for attaching tac flashlight (not included)
- Compact (2.3") and Bright (up to 5Mw output).
- Great value for money, easy to mount and operate
- Runs on 1 x CR1/3N lithium battery (included)
- Class IIIA Red Laser -  635-655nm
- Side plate ensures secure attachment - solid aluminum, CNC-machined
-Arrives ready to mount and zero in

Note:  Sometimes the adjustment screws can be a little loose.  If that's the case, use a drop of blue Loctite or similar after you have zeroed in the laser.  Thank you.

A  Center of rail screw to end of main unit: 1.54" / 39mm
B  Center of rail screw to end of switch:      1.88" / 48mm

Team 15 Tactical Sniper LSRPS Pistol Handgun Red Dot Laser Sight with Mount + Batteries

Total length:  2.3"