Shotgun Fiber Optic Front Sight for Unventilated / Plain Shotgun Barrels with Bead Sight - Green



Shotgun Front Optic Sight - Green. Ready to use, just clip onto barrel shotgun and push up to the bead sight.

This will make a big difference for how quickly you can pick up a target - especially in low light conditions.

A great, low-cost addition to your shotgun. Fits many shotgun models, 12 or 20 gauge but will only work on plain / un-ventilated barrels

- Easy install - just clip over barrel and slide up to bead sight

- Cutout V shape ensures tight fit against bead sight

- Only works on un-ventilated / Plain-barrelled shotguns

- Great improvement over bead sight, especially in lower light conditions

- Item weight: 0.2 ounces

2.1 x 0.87 x 0.7 IN (L x W x H)

Model: MBFGS