Bipod for SKS Bayonet Lug, Height Adjustable 9" to 13". Lock washer and screw included, Aluminum



Bipod for SKS Bayonet Lug

Model:  BP1012

- Weighs 9 ounces
- Overall height 9" to 13"

Height:  With legs flipped out, distance from bayonet lug to ground is between 7.5 to 10.5 inches
 There are six levels in total.

How to use:
1.  To release legs from horizontal position, squeeze legs together and pull down.  Reverse to secure legs away in folded position.
2.  To use leg extensions, push lever against spring on back of bipod main leg to leg. 
3.  Choose notch for appropriate height and release lever.  Repeat for other leg.


Unscrew nut and lock washer from screw.
Align with bayonet lug, push screw throw lug hole.  Re-attach lock washer then nut to screw and tighten nut.