A2 High Profile (TALL) Front Backup Sight Post for Mounting on AR Low Profile Gas Block - Aluminum (Not Handguard Level)

$15.00 $12.49


Attaches directly onto low profile gas block with Picatinny slot / mount. 

For example, this is perfect for DMPS Oracle setup where there's there's a drop down to the railed gas block.

*    Sight is taller than regular height / same plane (handguard level) front sight

**  Do not purchase if it's for handguard mounting (get MDTFS02 instead)

- Attach to LOW Profile Railed Gas Block
- No gunsmithing required.
- One piece CNC machined using premium aluminum with knurled steel knob
- Easy to adjust, holds zero well
- 1.77 INCH overall height
- Item weight: 2.1 ounces

Material:  Aluminum

1.38 x 1.89 x 2.13 IN (L x W x H)

Model: MDTFS01